Why Charlie Chaplin Totally Rocked

Were Old School Comedy Flicks Better?

I love comedy flicks, and honestly who doesn’t? With that being said, I have to say that I do not find many of today’s so called comedy films to be very funny. Sometimes, I wonder why today’s filmmakers are unable to make good quality comedy films. There has been an explosion of information that is easily available….unprecedented access to books, movies, novels and yet the comedies are mainly dry and boring. In fact, I find many stand up comics to be much funnier than most of the big budget comedy movies. To make my case that a lot of the comedy movies recently are not impressive, I would like to talk a bit about Mr. Charlie Chaplin.


What can I say about Charlie Chaplin? In my opinion, Charlie Chaplin was not only a great comedian but simply one of the best actors ever. What most people do not know about Charlie was that he not only acted in movies but also wrote, directed and produced his own movies….yes, he did it all and he was just 26 when he was making complete movies. One of the reasons for his early success in life is that he started acting on stage when he was 13 years old, so by the time he was 26 he already had over a decade’s worth of experience in the entertainment business.


Charlie Chaplin is one of those rare actors who cannot be duplicated and had no competitors. He did what he did, and there was hardly anyone who could do the same. Another reason that makes me a big fan of Charlie is that he did all of this at a time when there were no dialogues in films. It was just good old acting and basic background music. Yet, Charlie Chaplin entertained millions and is an inspiration till today.


Now tell me if you think that the funny movies made today are as entertaining as those made by Charlie Chaplin. Don’t get me wrong there are a few that are good, but not that many.

What Men Secretly Want According To Movies

What Men Secretly Want From Women

Recently, while talking to a friend about movie stars we started talking about how everyday women can be irresistible to men and what men secretly want. I know, it is quite a topic to explore…and so we did.

It all started when we were discussing some of the most attractive female actors in Hollywood, and how most of them would be irresistible to almost any man. Then, we started talking about what was it about these women that got men to be pulled to them….and after a long and interesting chat about this topic, we somehow ended up talking about this friends dating life. It is at this time that Sarah told me about a book she read about dating and how to attract men by the name of what men secretly want and even though I usually laugh at such things since I don’t think you need books to learn about dating and relationships, I decided to listen to her.


So, turns out that Sarah (and from what she told me there are many women like her) is having somewhat of a difficult time attracting men that they like. This is hard for me to believe because good looking and successful women usually have a choice of men to choose from but then she told me that meeting men was never a problem for her. It was the bonding with men at a deeper level that seemed to usually lead to problems. Turns out that with changing times, dating and relationships are changing fast too. I have to admit, that I have been in a great relationship for a very long time, and so all of this is not something I am aware of. I am also least interested in people’s dating lives, and so usually never get to hear much details about these things. Anyway, back to the main topic about being irresistible.

Do you know what is it that makes men attracted to women? What do men like about women? It seems like there are books now to cover such topics and provide details about how men think and what is important to them. I guess with the widespread use of social media as a means to connect with people and make friends, things are changing fast in personal relationships, and if you want to be a player or connect with the man of your dreams for the long term getting your hands on one of these books may be a good idea.

Romantic Movies Not As Popular Anymore?

Why Romance Movies Are Not As Popular As They Used To Be

I know that this topic may raise many eyebrows, and many may outright disagree with me saying that ‘Romance’ is not on the decline as a genre in movie making. Even though I do not think that this genre is on a major decline and will be dropped completely in the near future, I cannot help but notice how few movies are being made in this genre, as compared to even a couple of decades back. On top of that, you do not even want to think of how few of these romance movies are actually very good, and will be included as Classics for the future generations.


I personally think that there are many reasons for this drop in the amount of romance movies. To begin with, film makers have access to technology that they have never had before, and film making as an art is completely different today than it has ever been. Film makers today can use this technology is so many different ways, whether it is to make movies like Transformers or even tackle challenging topics like Avatar. This new breed of film making technology, software and cameras is allowing film makers to make films like never before, and so there has been a massive surge in science fiction movies. As a result, fewer film makers are interested in making movies that may be considered simple in this day and age, and that mainly revolve around a romantic story.


Another thing that comes to mind when I think of the reasons for a lack of new romance films being made is that modern relationships are very different to those of the yester years. This is also the main reason that books like Unlock her legs pdf is popular nowadays. I am not bashing this book, just pointing out that such books are common now as compared to even a few decades ago. Our society as a whole is evolving at a very rapid pace, and our relationships are the centre of these changes. Romantic relationships seem to be having very different meanings for different generations.


So, with all these changes, I think that romantic movies are not as mainstream as they once were.

Why I Love Science Fiction Movies

Reasons I Love Sci-Fi Movies

One of the most popular genres of movies is science fiction. They are appealing to all the curious minds that think and feel that there are others out there besides human beings. As they say, most people lean towards science or religion whenever they need something to believe in, and the ones that lean towards science also tend to like science fiction movies.


There are also many people that constantly ask “what-if” questions, and science fiction movies help such people enjoy different possibilities on various subjects from aliens to galaxies and space wars. These type of people usually enjoy contemplating things like “what if there is life on other planets”, “what if aliens are trying to communicate with us” and so on. So naturally, when some film makers delve into similar worlds exploring these interesting topics, this audience is immediately hooked. No wonder movies like Star Wars have been some of the biggest and most successful movies over a period of decades.


Another good thing about science fiction movies is that such movies are usually filled with characters and features that we all like. Whether it is action and thrill or suspense and excitement, science fiction movies are often filled with them. Some sci-fi movies have also tapped into the romance angle to please the romantic types. I think it is important to be open to watching science fiction movies even if you are not the typical sci-fi types. You may be surprised at the quality of film making involved in these movies.


One of my favourite memories from my childhood is watching such sci-fi movies and shows with my father, who is a big fan of Star Trek. I agree I got an early start to science fiction and that might not be the case for everyone.